Romance Novel Satisfaction

Anna never thought herself to be the romance novel type. She found it sometimes silly for a knight in shining armor to come and rescue a damsel in distress. “Why does the woman always have to be in distress?”, she wondered. She did, however, enjoy reading the sex scenes that were much like the videos on this Xhamster website, full of details about hard nipples, throbbing cocks, licking pussies, and cum stained sheets. She could feel herself getting hot each time she read one of these scenes.

One evening Anna had had a stressful day at work. She arrived at home, poured a glass of wine, and opened her new romance novel that she had just purchased. She began reading and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the book began with a sex scene. In true romance novel fashion a knight saved a damsel in distress and fucked her in a tower.

Anna could feel her nipples getting hard as she read about the knight and damsel having sex. “He slid his throbbing cock into her ass. His hand slid around to massage her clit and finger her pussy as his dick went deeper into her ass. She screamed and he groaned as they both climaxed. They were both covered in cum.”, Anna read. She was getting horny like a hamster. She sat the book down on the coffee table near her glass of wine. Anna laid back on the sofa and closed her eyes. She began to envision the scenes that she had just read. Her clit throbbed. She pulled off her dress exposing her tits. She toyed with her hard nipples making her clit throb more. Anna took off her panties and spread her legs needing to feel what she could see in her imagination. Her hand slid from her tits to her clit. She massaged gently at first but moved her hand faster after a minute. She inserted two fingers into her pussy moving them back and forth. Her free hand moved to her ass. She enjoyed anal sex and wanted to stimulate both holes. Anna moaned as both of her hands worked together in rhythm. She screamed as she felt an orgasm building moving her hands faster as she climaxed.